Role: Leather designer

It has been with complete happiness to collaborate with the fashion designer; Martina Spetlova. We have collaborated for 3 season and throughout the time together, I developed innovative leather and new leather design techniques for merchandising. 

Design Process

David Altmejd, The Eye, 2015

David Altmejd, The Eye, 2015

I was in contact with Martina every quarter of the year to design and develop innovative leathers for her merchandise for the following season. Throughout the experience of working together, I was always induced by the capabilities of transforming the materials into avant garde fashion items. For each project I was briefed by her concepts or images or art references and would start to develop leather in ways that might look like what she is requesting. For this season, the inspiration came from David Altmejd, the Canadian sculptor, a blur between interior, exterior and identity. 

From this image, is where I start to explore colour and what kind of techniques I could include to imbue that feeling of raw and luxury.

Some diary images from the collaboration with Martina. Innovative leather garment design really requires  a lot of clear communication and also to be daring to attempt new techniques. 


This requires many different steps of using the correct leather crust to be used for garments, something smooth and drapey but still with a slight structure to be able to maintain shapes if necessary. It is a constant collaboration as I developed a colour and touch, I would send the options to the client with approval or what needs to be developed further. 

After developing the material and the colour, I then start to add new finishing touches, a three dimensional emboss, hand sprayed parts and calculating how much is possible to get out of each skin.


Autumn Winter 2017