Engaged from conceptualisation and design to visualization. I am seeking to build on my prior experience and my studies in a multi-disciplinary, international and cutting-edge agency. I consider myself a multi-faceted design professional with experience working across multiple media and clients specializing in three-dimensional and visualization.

I  was working in a freelance capacity while undertaking my studies in Cape Town and Milan in product design. I enjoy facilitating connections between people, whether it’s working with a brand to develop its identity or attempting to inculcate citizenship through public installations with social goals. For example, I recently conceptualised, designed and installed a showcase display booth for an upscale hosiery brand that emphasized the house’s artisanal production process with vivid colours an playful style. For the last 8 months, I have been part of a team from the beginning pitch concepts to the execution of an the visitor centre for an international shoe company in Denmark. I was immersed in leather production, shoe production and constructing 1:1 scale models for the creative agency. No project has ever been the same, and this diversity has stimulated me to develop my skills. 

Other engagements that I have been part of include products and installations that seek and imbue inclusion and create a sense of place for clients such as, Bulgari (Kuwait), Etro Home (Milan), Coral Triangle Centre (Bali) and Bokrijk Open Air Museum (Genk). Celebrating inclusion and positivity motivates me, and I try to convey these feelings in my work. In addition, cultural diversity is another key theme, and I draw from my international origins in South Africa, my education in Italy and my experience in other European countries in concept and design production..